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June 5th 2006
So I'm still here and still missing the show... Ian.... I miss you...

Wed May, 11th, 2005
(Ha! It's an 11!)
Wow so it's been along time since I've been to this site. Lot's and Lot's of spelling errors... but hey it was 4yrs ago. I was 14. (I'm not changing any of it it's nostalgic!)So I recently purchased WitchBlade DvD's through Ebay (Burnt copies of tapes not real realeases). Been reliving the glory days of television, before every network caught the "reality tv virus". Still writing TnT Letter's & Email's. I send one off every Nov 11th... I say fans should run a campaign for rerun's!!!!!!! Until then I comand you to visit the following website, sign up for an account and vote to have witchblade released on DVD!!!!  Now go and vote my minons!!!!!!
P.S. Isn't it wonderful that Will Yun Lee's getting big movie roles! (Elektra) Oh and don't forget about Eric Etebari in 2 Fast 2 Furious!! I miss Danny and Ian =( they made each day a little brighter!
 I apologie but I have offically decide not to do anymore updates on this website. I simply don't have the time. Maybe one day if Witchbalde does countinue its run on another network I will prehaps take up this site again. Thanks to all of you who enjoyed the information on this site and who expressed and shared the interest with me through email or other ways. I will leave this information up for you to view. If you wish to use any information on this site. Please let me know through email and just give credit to where you got it from. (Everything except RobinHood's orignal art work)
Dear Witchblade Cast & Crew,
            I wish you many more succesful projects in the future. I thank all of you for putting firht this excellenct show. It was an awesome run while it lasted. It was an utterly fantastic experince. It is going to last forever in this household because I have recorded tapes!!!!! hehehehe!

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